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We are for mass-market Britain, the middle 50% of the population who we call Modal Britain.

We listen to and stand up for the things they care about, and we’re privileged that they allow us to help shape and reflect their views.

Our audience is gatekeeper to Modal Britain - the influencers in their close knit groups.

Our newsbrands reach 27M people every week.


Our Audience


This is the audience that makes Britain Great.

They could be defined as the critical mass, but we prefer to think of them as the people who make a difference.

These are the people that make Britain tick and keep it ticking over. They are at the tip of the tipping point. They turn niche into mainstream and make stuff sticky. They were the deciding factor in the last government and they'll be the deciding factor in the next one. And the next. And the... well, you get the idea.

They're not the glamorous ones, they're the essential ones. They man the call centres, drive the trains, deliver the goods and are the beating heart of the NHS. In short, if something needs doing, they're the ones doing it.

So it's Saturday night pizza with the kids, shouting at the telly. It's the whole family on holiday with gran and granddad too. It's nights out with the boys, laughing at the same old jokes. And it's being a joyaholic not a workaholic.




Welcome to Modal Britain - the Life and Soul



Our Newsbrands


Our Print and Digital, National and Regional portfolio is one of a kind, and our influential and iconic newsbrands are known, loved and trusted across all of our many formats, reaching one in two of all adults in the UK. We're the biggest publisher in the UK and are enormously proud to be its fastest-growing news organisation.

We represent many different newsbrands, across many different platforms. And while they are all different, there is one thing that unites them all.

Editorial Conviction 

The responsibility and belief that each of our editors has to live up to the values of those that have gone before them. The spirit of celebrating the good, championing the deserving and campaigning for better. Decades of standing up for what's right, holding those in power to account and giving a voice to people who need it.

They are people imbued with a purpose greater than profits made, copies sold or pages viewed. People who believe in playing with a straight bat, doing the right thing, making the world a fairer place.

And they understand, know and care about the people and communities they represent.

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