Aldi – Grow Your Champion


Aldi set Trinity Mirror Solutions the task of bringing to life their recent sponsorship of Team GB. Key to our campaign would be driving the connection between Aldi and fresh British food (namely their Big Six product range) and weaving that into a narrative about Aldi’s proud support for Team GB and the Team GB ambassadors they had signed up.

Our winning pitch saw Trinity Mirror Solutions and the Telegraph partner on a native print and digital content campaign which looked into the dedication, training and diet behind Aldi sponsored Team GB stars to inspire a future generation of champions.



Aldi is already a popular supermarket but it’s not often the main shop for our audience, more of a top-up for the bits and bobs they know they can get cheaper at Aldi. Through the focus on fresh produce we would show that Aldi has more of the things our audience buys than they may realize. So our behavioural objective was to steal basket spend from other supermarkets in Aldi’s favour, all the while landing the perception objective that Aldi supports Team GB and great, fresh, British produce.



Aldi’s brief aligned perfectly with Trinity Mirror’s editorial news agenda and our love of everything British, specifically Team GB – they’re our audience’s favourite sporting team. For mums, their kids are the most important thing in their life and they want them to achieve great things. Mum knows that her kids should be healthier and more active, but she needs help to do these things as she’s often stretched for time and ideas. We would show how Aldi is helping Mum to do the best for her kids through a focus on Aldi’s quality, fresh, British food.

Using this insight into our audience and Aldi’s objectives we came up with the strategic platform of Grow Your Champion, focusing on what it takes to be a champion. Champions are grown through the food they put in their bodies, the exercise this fuels and the Mum that was feeding them and cheering them on to success.

We developed this concept further, building out from the strategic platform of ‘growth’. Our content plan was created and phased to provide Oxygen (getting people excited about the Olympics), Fuel (highlighting fresh local food), Environment (highlighting fitness and getting our audience active in their local communities), Support (showing how Aldi are part of driving the success of Team GB) – all of the requirements for growth.

Importantly, we would be locally relevant, playing to the strengths of the Trinity Mirror Solutions portfolio. This would activate families to take part by growing their future champions through the healthy food they eat and raising awareness of local activities that get them involved. ‘Oxygen’ was addressed through a launch native wrap across our Trinity Mirror titles to raise awareness and excitement around the games. For ‘Fuel’, the campaign provided families with ongoing meal ideas, placing Aldi fresh quality produce at the centre of the meal plan. Regional titles including Manchester Evening News and the Liverpool Echo focused on ‘Environment’ and ‘Support’, with case studies of local clubs and families that have nurtured Olympic talent.



  • Trinity Mirror readers were twice as likely to associate Aldi with Team GB versus non-readers
  • Association of Aldi with Team GB increased by 22ppts throughout the campaign, including a 7ppt increase before any TV elements of the campaign kicked in
  • Trinity Mirror readers were 68% more likely to describe Aldi as “a good fit to sponsor Team GB” compared to non-readers
  • Overall campaign recall of 60%, with over one in five readers who recalled seeing the activity, encouraging a child to get more involved in sport as a result
  • By the end of the campaign, 56% of Trinity Mirror readers associated Aldi with “stocking a wide range of the freshest fruit and vegetable products”, an increase of 24ppts compared to before the campaign started and two times more than non-readers.