Aldi targeting Modal Britain’s savvy shoppers


Aldi have successfully positioned themselves as the savvy shopper's supermarket – why pay more when you can get as good as leading brands for less?


To target our audience of switched-on shoppers, promoting the great range of quality products at great value for money, directly increasing footfall.


We know that Modal Britain have a strong 'belief' system driven from inherited values. These include 'look after then pennies and the pounds look after themselves', and we knew it was that mindset we needed to tap into to achieve the greatest impact for Aldi.

Our Cash Queens, Ruki Sayed and Tricia Phillips are hugely influential, and Aldi's PR company noticed that whenever an Aldi product was featured in their column, it would "fly off the shelves". This led to an initial enquiry about column sponsorship. While we had to protect the editorial integrity of their column, we wanted to use the Cash Queens' influence to give our readers and users greater value on a topic we knew was of great interest to them, and in turn give their associated values to Aldi via a strong ongoing partnership.

We therefore developed a bespoke monthly eight-page editorial pull-out, called Quids In, on the last Thursday of every month, coinciding with pay day for even greater relevance. The pull-out features Aldi's monthly star offers and products, which the Cash Queens review, picking out their faves and letting everyone know what they think about them.

To encourage even more store visits, a money-off voucher is included which gives shoppers £5 off when they spend £40 in Aldi that week.


  • While the specific impact of this activity is confidential, both in-store footfall and average basket spend have been increased to such an extent that the activity is being extended for a further year
  • We do know, however, that when we feature a £5 off a £40 basket offer in the Daily Mirror we sell, on average, an additional 75,000 copies of the newspaper... a result which offers everyone involved a great return