Rovio Entertainment Ltd. is the creator of Angry Birds, the mobile game that changed an industry and became an international phenomenon. Today Angry Birds is not only the most downloaded game of all time, it is a renowned entertainment brand that has branched out into animation, licensing and more. The Angry Birds Movie was due for release in the UK on May 13th 2016. In the 3D animated comedy, The Angry Birds Movie, we'll finally find out why the birds are so angry.



Our brief was to raise awareness of the upcoming family movie. The fact Angry Birds is a blockbuster game was a huge asset but also our biggest challenge. People know the brand but they know it first and foremost as a game, not a movie. We needed to overcome cynical views and show off the story and comedy, positioning it as a fun family film that everyone will enjoy. Ultimately, we had to give people a reason to watch.



As always, our first step to cracking the brief was to thoroughly interrogate our audience to understand how best to deliver an Angry Birds campaign. Modal Britain love going to the cinema as a family. Watching a film on the big screen is all about sharing the escapism & adventure that cinema can provide. The giant screen, sounds, the expectation, the smell of popcorn – all of those make a cinema visit a special shared experience.

This insight informed our approach.  We determined that if Modal Britain like to experience cinema as a family unit, then we should deliver Angry Birds content for them as a family unit.  And that led us to creating a comic as the centrepiece of a high-impact, editorially integrated campaign

We ran an exclusive four-page comic, puzzles and a competition run in flagship national titles the Daily Mirror and Daily Record. Teased on the front page of both newspapers, the bespoke content revealed the story of the film by building on the personalities first introduced in the popular mobile game. Mobile and desktop executions featured an expanding film trailer that was revealed when visitors hovered over or tapped on the ads. Further content was then revealed giving full information on the film and a sneak peek into just why the birds are so angry.



  • 15k unique users to native content.
  • High number of competition entries.
  • CTR’s reaching up to 5% on content – extremely high engagement.
  • Solus publisher partnership contributed to a successful box office opening weekend gross of £2.14m and a total gross of £9.7m.
  • Strong engagement rates across articles on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • CTRs on accompanying ads that roadblocked content articles were between 3.5%-5% for desktop pages and 1.5%-5% for mobile pages - this tells us that users were engaged in the content, and have taken the next step and clicked on the page skin to access further information.