BT – Britain Is Open For Business


Broadband is everywhere. According to government statistics, only 5% of the UK population are unable to receive broadband. It's a technological and sociological phenomenon that has changed forever the way the whole UK communicates, shops, seeks out information and keeps themselves entertained. BT approached Trinity Mirror so that we could help to tell their, and the country's, broadband story.



In recent months and years there has been a lot of negativity publicity surrounding broadband providers. We also knew that broadband is something that people were starting to take for granted. Like gas, electricity and water, it's something we only notice when it stops working. But rather than take it for granted, we wanted Modal Britain to feel proud of living in a country that is so well connected, even leading the way across the globe. And after a year of seeing a nation divided, 'remainers' and 'leavers' alike were seeking out stories to make them proud of what Britain can achieve. 



We set out to create a positive, optimistic campaign based on the concept that Britain Is Open For Business.

The campaign showed our audience that Britain’s broadband story is something we can be proud of, and that BT was central to it. We celebrated the history and the future of the internet in Britain, telling the story in 4 phases across national and regional, in print and digital:

  • Launch: Counter the negativity with ‘Britain Is Open For Business’ positivity 
  • Consumer: Focus on the positive impact of broadband on consumers’ lives
  • Business: A celebration of British business success stories powered by broadband
  • Future: An optimistic look to a broadband powered British future

These phases manifested in 4 print pull-outs across the Daily Mirror and our regional titles. They were bold and graphic, featuring high impact infographics. In the Launch piece Daily Mirror Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Embley voiced his support and in the Future pull-out we heard from a futurologist on tech innovations from delivery drones to augmented reality text books. Online we ran 11 native articles across mirror.co.uk and had display ads running across our regional sites.
Finally, BT sponsored the Daily Mirror’s Champions League pull-outs.



  • The campaign saw an overall editorial approval rating of 70% (9% loved it and 61% liked it). 71% found the content interesting, beating the editorial industry benchmark by 17ppts:
    • “The ideas about the NHS were fascinating!” - 35 to 54 Male
    • “Very interesting as I wouldn’t normally read articles like this” – 35 to 54 Female
  • Readers were keen to see more – 54% said they were interested in reading similar articles again
  • The content was shareable with 49% saying they would discuss and share the information with friends 
  • Finally, 30% agreed that they felt “BT are at the forefront of technological developments”