Channel 5 – Gangland


Channel 5 approached Trinity Mirror to help boost their perception as a destination for groundbreaking documentaries. ‘Gangland’ was an original two-part film in which BAFTA-nominated director Paul Blake took a raw and unflinching look inside the world of Britain’s gangs – with the added twist that much of the footage was filmed by the gang members themselves. Our brief was to drive awareness of the show, emphasising the unique way in which it was made – ultimately driving viewing figures on the two TX dates.



A big challenge for us was to use the programme as a platform to change perceptions around Channel 5’s original programming – to raise awareness that they're now producing bold new documentaries. With our knowledge that Modal Britain loves ‘true crime’ as well as unmissable TV, we knew that Gangland was the perfect fit for Trinity Mirror – we just had make sure it was on the nation's radar.



We were inspired by the unique first-person perspective of Gangland, so wanted to build on that and invite the Daily Mirror’s readers ‘behind the mask’ for an unflinching peek into a rarely-seen world. Our tactical ‘balaclava’ display adverts referenced the striking imagery from Gangland, and literally compelled readers to see information about the show ‘through the eyes’ of a gangster. Likewise, our online and print features delved deeper into the lives of those featured within these remarkable films. 



Using our in-house, bespoke campaign measurement tool ARQIVE (Audience Reach, Quality, Impact and Value evaluation) we could measure the effectiveness & success of our campaign against press industry benchmarks:

  • 31% of our audience claimed that the ‘Drugs, Guns & Deadly Encounters’ print piece made them think more positively about the types of documentaries that Channel 5 produce, whilst 18% said that it changed their perception of Channel 5 as a whole.
  • The native print article prompted 14% to find out more about Gangland and 40% went on to watch it.
  • The balaclava display ad had almost 70% recall, 28% higher than average and evoked 2.6x the emotional reaction of the average TV Media ads in the Daily Mirror.
  • The native content series online drove some really impressive audience numbers; 61,627 unique users and 74,133 page views.