Demystifying pensions for Modal Britain


The Department for Work & Pensions wanted to target workers and employers who weren't already in a pension scheme following the launch the previous year of the Automatic Enrolment Scheme.



A broad swathe of the population have a head-in-the-sand approach to pensions and, instead of securing their future, simply turn a blind eye to it, hoping it will all be OK.

The Department for Work & Pensions challenged us to demystify the whole pensions area for workers not already in a scheme, encouraging them to find out more and take control of their financial future.



We knew that Modal Britain like to be informed about what's going on, and are considered about their money and how they spend it. But the whole pension area was one that some felt nervous about, afraid that perhaps they had already left it too late, and that it was too complex an area for them to navigate.

Our task was to inspire them to want to find out more, and feel empowered to take control of their future. One of the fundamental 'values for life' for Modal Britain is Belonging – tight networks of influence from like-minded people. Our idea was to create a community of 'people like me' – who had been there, done that and got the T-shirt – to inspire the target audience to take that first step themselves.

We developed Pension Square, an online community of real people with real jobs talking about the human side of pensions in a human way – very different to the average dry textbook-style pension information usually available.

We identified a significant geographical bias in the uptake of pensions and determined that businesses in the north of the UK had the highest concentration of workers not already enrolled. 

As a result we focused on a bespoke solution across our National and Regional platforms, focusing on the highest areas of relevance and using our broad network of regional brands to deliver the maximum impact.

To increase the relevancy of our content, we recruited from within our network to make sure that each region contained local faces that people would relate to and connect with.

Our resident expert and personal finance champion, Tricia Phillips curated the content and acted as the campaign's expert voice throughout.

We partnered with Bauer Media as a complimentary secondary media, to broadcast real life vox-pop stories to the local audience, and used Twitter to share the social messaging generated.



  • Our more targeted approach, coupled with a strong understanding of our audience, enabled us to deliver more compelling content which achieved a 50 per cent higher dwell time on the campaign site than industry averages.