eOne – I, Daniel Blake


Drum Content Awards 2017

  • Winner: Best Use of Print in a Content Marketing Campaign

  • Highly Commended: Best Branded Content Campaign
Highly Commended: Best News/Media/Publishing Content Marketing Strategy/Campaign



eOne approached Trinity Mirror to promote Ken Loach’s Bafta award-winning film, I, Daniel Blake. The award-winning film follows the story of Daniel, a sick joiner in the North East, & Katie, a single mother of two, as they navigate the red tape of the benefits system, highlighting the social injustices they face everyday.

Our brief was to raise awareness of the film & generate conversation around the main themes, positioning it as a must-see release with a potent social message.



We know that Modal Britain is a cinema loving audience – our challenge with I, Daniel Blake would be to get them to see & pay for a film that isn’t an action packed blockbuster. However, we also know that our audience are socially & culturally conscious & want to change things for the better. 60% believe we should actively strive for equality for all; behind this is the belief that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be well informed & to do the right thing. Therefore, the story of I, Daniel Blake would resonate strongly with our audience’s strong & passionate beliefs.



The themes & content of I, Daniel Blake aligned perfectly with Trinity Mirror’s editorial news agenda. We’ve got a history of standing up for what is right & supporting good causes that affect us all. After seeing I, Daniel Blake for the first time, we were sure that this was a film that would really resonate with Trinity Mirror’s socially conscious audience. This gave us an opportunity to offer and promote preview screenings around the UK (giving away 10,000 tickets), with our iconic regional titles perfectly placed to start stimulating early interest in I, Daniel Blake’s wider story.

Our full creative approach was to then communicate the film’s powerful messages by giving the title character a voice on our many platforms. We wanted to echo the frustrations shared by the character and the many millions of real-life “Daniel Blakes” who find themselves let down by the failings of Britain’s welfare state. Masthead and front-cover takeovers saw Daniel literally making his mark across some of the UK’s biggest and most iconic news titles, instructing readers to take note of his plight. We gave Daniel his own one-off column inside – based on the Mirror’s brilliant weekly series Real Britain. In “My Britain”, Daniel was given a platform to talk frankly about the important issues raised within the film that also affect millions of real life Brits.

Digital content continued the theme and utilised disruptive display advertising to give Daniel Blake a voice across Trinity Mirror’s digital portfolio. Supporting content also celebrated the positive impact films like I, Daniel Blake can have on society, paying particular attention to the achievements of its director Ken Loach.



Using our in-house, bespoke campaign measurement tool ARQIVE (Audience Reach, Quality, Impact and Value evaluation) we could measure the effectiveness & success of our campaign against press industry benchmarks:

  • The campaign saw an overall editorial approval rating of 75% (24% loved it & 51% liked it). 76% found the content interesting, beating the industry benchmark by 22ppts.
  • 53% of Trinity Mirror readers said the “My Britain” column made them reflect on their own experiences:

    • “It was very interesting and something I understand, being in the same situation myself.” Viki, 51

    • “It’s a true reflection of what is happening in this day and age.”  Michelle, 44
  • The digital native article saw over 18k page views, with audiences spending around 4 minutes reading the content. It was shared over 5,000 times online, including by Ken Loach himself on his personal Twitter feed!
  • The bespoke overlay format online saw over 400k impressions with a 10.65% CTR – absolutely thrashing the industry average of 0.29%.
  • Overall, 57% of our audience said they wanted to watch the film as a result of the campaign.