Prostate Cancer UK


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK – 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with it at some point in their life. Crucially, there are no tests that are 100% reliable and those that do exist don’t allow for early diagnosis. As well as this, there is currently no screening programme. The vision of Prostate Cancer UK is to raise money to help boost scientific research to help develop better tests and a widespread screening system.

We were tasked with raising awareness of the charity and the scale of the cancer in men in the UK, whilst also helping to raise money. We had to drive home a message of ‘Help the Experts’, showing our audience that to get proper prostate cancer screening, they would need to help fund the experts to do it.


For the target audience, 45+ men, prostate cancer is easy to ignore and easy to not donate to – whether it’s the embarrassment or fear of what they might find, they are in inertia, believing that it will never happen to them!



The one thing that our male readers definitely don’t ignore is our sports content. It’s a truism that they start reading their paper from the back.

They come to us week in, week out for our trusted sports commentary and in depth analysis – it’s an environment in which they feel at home and one they read with eye-watering detail.

So we set out to break any inertia around prostate cancer by taking over our sports coverage, hitting our audience with Prostate Cancer UK’s powerful message when they least expected it.

The campaign was split in to two parts; Action and Surprise. To drive Action, our audience were inspired to get involved through the Keepie Uppie Challenge on social media.

We filmed the Daily Mirror editor Lloyd Embley attempting as many keepie uppies as possible, challenging famous footballing faces and the general public to try it out for themselves, with £3.50 donated to Prostate Cancer UK every time Lloyd’s score was beaten. 


To achieve Surprise we took over the sports pages of the Daily Mirror with a bang, on the weekend of the FA Cup Final. Our partnership was given pride of place on the front page with a masthead takeover, with an earpiece driving readers to the back page.

We then took over the Mirror Sport back page with a further masthead redesign (turning it Prostate Cancer UK blue) and a main story on prostate cancer.

Inside, the day’s big football story was a match between men and prostate cancer. In-depth analysis came in the form of a striking infographic, cleverly comparing FA Cup Final stats to prostate cancer; such as the FA Cup winners’ prize money (£1.8m) being able to fund six scientific projects that would transform our understanding of the illness.

In our popular Betting Spy column we discussed the odds of a prostate cancer diagnosis whilst encouraging our readers to donate money to Prostate Cancer UK instead of putting a bet on the FA Cup.



We certainly got Prostate Cancer UK noticed and talked about. Our #keepieuppiechallenge was trending on Twitter in the UK on 26th May, on the eve of the FA Cup Final weekend – reaching 4th position by lunchtime – a testament to the truly aligned approach and scale across the Trinity Mirror network. There were over 100,000 views of the videos on Facebook alone. Digital native articles promoted across the Trinity Mirror network social channels delivered a total reach in excess of 28 million.

Our in-house ARQIVE research showed some phenomenal results of the FA Cup Final print content too. It achieved 89% recall, absolutely thrashing the 56% benchmark. Engagement was at 74% vs the 59% benchmark.

Finally, we drove donations – with 17% of our sports page readers reporting they made a donation to Prostate Cancer UK.