Vauxhall – better than ever seven years on


Vauxhall, coming into their seventh season of sponsoring Mirror Football, wanted to find new ways to extend their sponsorship to increase awareness, drive traffic to their site and lift consideration of Vauxhall vans.


To find a new innovative way to extend audience reach at the highest consumption day of football content – Mondays.


We followed our audience – for the first time more of our users were consuming football content on their mobile than on desktop. In order to maximise this shift in content consumption we created an in-app sponsorship for Vauxhall every Monday and served more ad impressions on our mobile site offering to compliment the on-the-go consumption of football news.

Our well respected and influential sports journalist, John Cross, created content for the new in-app offering as well as for Print and Desktop, allowing Vauxhall to continue to align themselves with the best football editorial content.

All creative linked through to the Vauxhall Vans site.


  • We exceed our target of 85 per cent consideration, with over 90 per cent of their target audience considering Vauxhall Vans.
  • Year on year, unprompted brand awareness has grown consistently over the last six years and is up 20 per cent in print and 12 per cent online this year.

"Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles"]Mirror Football offers us a great platform to reach our target audience in a high quality, relevant editorial environment in an engaging way. The Daily Mirror has proven to be a flexible and valued partner, and offers a great package of assets with intelligent extension of key print assets into online and mobile too."

Sandy MacRitchie, Marketing Manager