Wickes and regional rightweighting


Wickes was looking to reposition their brand to increase the appeal to the small-scale DIY market.


To target the highest possible volume of small scale DIYers in the UK within drive time of a Wickes store, with messaging that positioned Wickes as the helping hand for any DIY project.


Using our unique portfolio of newsbrands, we were able to rightweight the campaign supporting National brand-building activity with cherry-picked regional newsbrands and users to match the Wickes' store footprint targeting male and recreational DIYers.

We knew that a core value of Modal Britain is Betterment and that we needed to create content that would fulfil the audience's need for achievable aspiration.

Using our in-house expert, DIY Donny, we created short videos full of easy tips on projects we knew Modal Britain were interested in, such as laminate flooring and installing loft insulation.

Editorially, we focused on taking the terror out of some of the more challenging DIY projects, using real-life examples of classic DIY challenges. These featured employees from local stores giving tips and advice that our audience would connect with and be influenced by.

We posted all this content on the Wickes website and across our Facebook channels which encouraged DIYers to talk to each other.


  • The targeted display ads were 50 times more effective than industry standards. Store visits by this core target audience increased by as much as 50 per cent year-on-year in some stores, directly attributable to this campaign.
  • Store visits by this core target audience increased by as much as 50% YoY in some stores, directly attributed to this campaign.

“It was a very joined-up approach, that maximized the Trinity Mirror's offering with all areas of the business working seamlessly together”