Drum Content Awards 2016

  • Winner: Best Use of Print in a Content Marketing Campaign



Drama on Sky 1 had been overshadowed in recent years by the huge successes seen on Sky Atlantic with hit shows like Game of Thrones and Solitude. But now, armed with a huge investment in new drama content, Sky 1 wanted to increase awareness and reach of their new shows by getting more people tuning in from the first episode.



We were asked to drive awareness of Sky 1’s first flagship family end of the world comedy drama You, Me and the Apocalypse and focus on getting TV lovers to tune in for the first TX.

TV is the primary entertainment platform for our audiences and knowledge of the latest programming seen as a social currency in mainstream Britain. We know that families enjoy shared viewing of the biggest shows however, very little TV is spontaneous and our audiences’ viewing habits are rooted in pre-selected programmes.

We needed to create huge momentum behind the show that would snap our audience out of their viewing routines and play to our readers fear of missing out on something that everyone would be talking about.



So we created the end of the world edition for the day of TX, as it really would be the end of the world for our readers if they missed this show.

The concept centered on an apocalyptic themed takeover that dramatically destroyed sections of Trinity Mirror’s most prestigious editorial real estate including a meteorite crashing through the Mirror and regional title mastheads both online and in print.

In the Mirror the TV listings were ‘wiped out’ from the 9pm TX slot, whilst there was an end of the world makeover for horoscopes and Andy Capp cartoon.

There was also a burnt out & scorched apocalypse 8 page pullout and online we ran a digital ad that playfully destroyed Trinity Mirror websites.



  • 1.3m viewers tuned in to Sky1 for the first episode, more than double the channel’s slot average.
  • 61% of Mirror brand users were aware of the show (compared to 50% of non-brand users).
  • Mirror brand users were 45% more likely to correctly identify the show as appearing on Sky 1.
  • 41% of whom said they felt the combination of creative executions helped build a sense of fun and interest before the show.
  • Digitally we delivered 2.4m against a target of 1.4m.