When Trust Falls Down

We live in an era of unpredictability - political events of the past few years have seen a shift in the nation's mindset. This is having a profound impact on brands and advertisers in their bid to stay relevant.

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Brand Relevance Index 2018

We've discovered that brands are struggling to tap in to an emerging local mindset, particularly outside London. So we created the Brand Relevance Index, ranking 170 leading consumer brands on their relevance to consumers across the country. 

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The power of campaigning partnerships

As one of our 5 key editorial tools, campaigning partnerships position brands as champions for positive change. We've carried out research to prove their effectiveness. 

To find out more about the effectiveness of campaigning partnerships and how a campaigning partnership could work for your brand, please contact us, or our Head of Insight, Andrew Tenzer

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The power of invention

As the content studio within Trinity Mirror Solutions, Invention bridges the gap between editorial and commercial. With an exciting array of innovative work, we've carried out research showing just how powerful Invention campaigns are.

To find out more about the power of Invention, and how Invention could help your brand, please contact us, or our Head of Insight, Andrew Tenzer

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